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    Kobo was a light cruiser built in the early 1930s, with a standard displacement of 5,200 tons and a full load displacement of 7,200 tons, armed with seven single-tube and four-tube 140 mm naval guns. launch 610 mm twin barrel torpedoes. Includes two triple-barreled 25 mm cannons. After the outbreak of the Pacific War, it participated in almost all naval battles in the Pacific theater, and it was famous for its exploits, but it also suffered many losses. After suffering from weak anti-aircraft firepower, Kobo had to make improvements, removing three 140mm caliber naval guns and replacing three triple-barreled 25mm anti-aircraft guns, while also replacing four remaining 140mm caliber naval guns. again. Four dual-purpose 127mm naval guns were installed to enhance anti-aircraft firepower. After this improvement, the density of Kobo's anti-aircraft firepower has increased greatly... Of course it was useless. Last August, it encountered a crazy attack by the United States Navy Air Force. Ky in the Battle of Wright Bay and was paralyzed by two 500-pound bombs. He accidentally escaped the battlefield, staggered back to port, stayed in port for nearly four months, and could not make repairs in time. escort a transport fleet back to China, and remain in Taiwan alone, ready to use nearby Taiwan's limited oil resources to be used to accommodate the US troops that would land there Taiwan. However, the US military wisely bypassed Taiwan, which was heavily fortified by the Japanese army, and attacked Okinawa, and Koba's situation suddenly became extremely embarrassing. With its firepower, if it returns to Okinawa it will be 100% dead, but staying in Taiwan will be fine... In short, it's trouble.

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    Before he could finish speaking, three bullets flew and hit him in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground. Then, a flashlight beam shone into his face, with this beam of light, for the first time he clearly saw the appearance of the enemies who had washed Yi-403's blood: they were wearing black combat uniforms and helmets. bulletproof helmets, with a set of telescopes on them, but the equipment is much more sophisticated, they also wear oxygen masks, wear thick armor, hold a submachine gun in their hands, and There are machine guns! He twitched, struggled and asked: "Are you... a US Navy special agent?"

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    A German major couldn't take it anymore, he separated the already dumbfounded soldiers and stepped forward, first he raised his hand to greet the monkey who was still jumping around the tank and vigorously selling. algae. Me, which unit are you from? Why are there so many weapons and equipment here? Do you know that once discovered by an enemy bomber, there will be huge losses!?"

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    Lieutenant Colonel Miha smiled: "It's not bad to be more prepared... Okay, I'll ask someone to fly a T-34/76 over!" Immediately ask someone to transfer a T-34/76. Both the T-34/76 and T-34/85 were main tanks of the Soviet Union and both produced a total of more than 80,000 vehicles. The T-34/76 was completed and put into production before the outbreak of World War II, equipped with a 76.2 mm caliber tank gun, which can penetrate nearly 70 mm thick armor at a distance of 500 meters and lean. defense capacity equivalent to 100 mm. Millimeter uniform steel plate, firepower and protection can be called the highest level in the early days of World War II. Unfortunately, the production was too little, and the command of the Soviet army was in chaos at that time, especially the grassroots command, this tank failed to turn the tide at the beginning of the war, being pushed all the way by the Germans. Moscow city. But even so, the small number of T-34/76s still played powerfully. The Germans' 3rd and 4th tanks were easily shot down by their main guns, except for the Germans' 88mm dual-purpose guns, all Counterattack Tanks and artillery were both impatient with its thick armor, so the "T-34 crisis" was born, if at that time the Soviet army could have 5, 6 thousand T-34/76s, If the command level of the Soviet army was higher, it would not be the Soviet army that sent troops from the Far East to defend Moscow, but the German army that dispatched troops from France to defend Berlin. Of course, the biggest byproduct of the war was the fiercest arms race. After losing to the T-34, the German army naturally developed new tanks vigorously, the Tiger and Leopard were born. . Faced with extremely ferocious "tigers" and "leopards", the Soviet army had no choice but to use all their strength to thicken their shields and sharpen their spears. The T-34/76 was helpless before the tiger and leopard. No problem, the T-34/85 equipped with an 85mm main gun was born, and there was the Stalin-2 equipped with a more brutal 122mm main gun. If you don't believe it, you won't be able to kill the Germans! The T-34/85 is currently the main tank of the Soviet Union and is favored by armored troops. The major general believes that using such an advanced tank to deal with Chinese tanks is completely bullying China. National, then replace it with the older T-34/85 -34/76!

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    But now it seems that a small change has occurred, the Eighth Route Army has risen, wiped out hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops from five divisions in World War I Suiyuan, and suddenly withdrew the Mobei area from the gateway of the Soviet Union. The alliance, attack after attack, completely crushed the Japanese army! It has only been a month since Dien An issued the call to "attack the Japanese army", and there is great momentum in major cities and military bases to wipe out the entire Son Tay in one sweep! Such a powerful attack made every young man's blood boil, but it also gave this old and cunning lord deep fear. Heroes of troubled times emerged from all over the world, and with a gun they were the kings of the grass, no one could understand the importance of military might better than a warlord who rose from Times are difficult, all tricks and plots are in vain. Faced with the powerful military strength of Thai Son, that's right, the Eighth Route Army is so powerful, occupying most of Son Tay, even if the Japanese army has Even if he was defeated, it wouldn't be his turn to go to Thai Nguyen! As the Japanese invaders were still there, the Eighth Army could forgive his small tricks because of the general situation of the resistance against Japan, and give him some of the captured territories from the Japanese army. Just keep living your mother's spring and autumn dream, it would be polite not to hit him on the head with a brick!

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    What country is this perverted tank from? It wants to defy heaven, right?

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    Chen Jianfeng suddenly became full of energy. sell things? What else can this guy sell? Good things like gold and antiques! His eyes lit up, he lowered his voice and asked: "Did you get the gold again?".

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    Xue Jianqiang smiled bitterly: "Not merely participating in battle! She copied the anti-American armed forces in the Middle East, and froze in front of the mouth of a Japanese regiment stationed in the Lianghuai area, even was the regiment's captain who became her prisoner!"

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    Tran Kien Phong pouted, old man, you also know that this box is very old, why do you still want to change it? Wouldn't it be better to just buy a new one? But the customer is king, whoever wants to change can change, if they want to change then they can change, it doesn't mean they don't give money.

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    Beloborodov said: "Yes, according to the Japanese prisoners we captured, it is very difficult for them to kill an Eighth Route Army soldier, unless the bullets hit the face or limbs, otherwise it would be very difficult to kill them." for Eighth Route Army soldiers lost their combat effectiveness. Because of this powerful bulletproof equipment, the exchange rate between the Eighth Army and the Japanese army was very different. If the Japanese army wanted to kill one soldier of the 8th Army, they would have to fall at least five or six, making the Japanese army very upset."

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    There is a huge misunderstanding in the history of tank development. It is said that after the end of World War II, the era of heavy tanks was over, and the Soviet Union violently produced heavy tanks. Trung is the clearest proof. This seems reasonable, immediately after Stalin's death, the Soviet Union stopped developing and producing heavy tanks, on the contrary, the T-54/55 was produced very actively, it seemed like the era of tanks. Heavyweight has truly passed away. However, this is not the case, the British Centurion weighs 50 tons, the American M26 weighs 41 tons, the M48 weighs 47 tons and the M60 weighs 52 tons. These are heavy tanks in production, and they are even more formidable compared to the sixty-six ton M1A2! From the Soviet Union to Russia, after Stalin's death, there was no tank with a tonnage exceeding 46 tons. The main force was always the medium and main battle tank with a tonnage of 36 to 46 tons, compared to the main battle tank. European and American tanks, tonnage There is a difference of ten or twenty tons! Why? The problem probably lies with Khrushchev, after coming to power, he completely denied Stalin, heavy tanks were a product of Stalin's era, of course he would not continue to develop them, even small tanks. Heavy tanks serving in the Soviet army at that time were renamed. The consequence of Khrushchev's approach was that the Soviet tank industry went off the rails, the performance of the tanks produced was good and all excellent, but Europe and the United States just made Corresponding improvements on the basis of the original Corresponding improvements could equal or even surpass them, forcing the Soviet Union to invest huge sums of money to develop new tanks... Not submitted The Soviet Union's performance was not good, but the potential of the tank chassis was not good. The tonnage was limited from the beginning, they had to use lighter tanks from over 10 to 20 tons in Europe and America. to the same level of defense and firepower, even superior to the opponent. The direct consequence is that the renovation space of each tank is compressed to a very small size, leading to extremely serious waste. It's true that bureaucracy kills people. If the Soviet Union continues on the path of heavy tank research, the Soviet tank industry will only become more brilliant and bureaucracy murderous. This sentence could not be more suitable for the Soviet tank industry.

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    Xue Jianqiang frowned: "Three million dollars per plane, is it that expensive!?"

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    So I changed the scale to another toll booth and weighed it again, and the result was the same. Xue Jianqiang breathed a sigh of relief at this time and said to Gao Hui: "Probably this number. Take the gold back and slowly count it. As for the money, just transfer it to my old account. I have to go first!" "

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    Xue Jianqiang was delighted: "It's amazing, who would have thought that the caliber of his tank was so large and its armor was so thick."

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    The Führer sighed helplessly and said to Kesselring: "There is no other way, Albert, you go, you can only go, I still have an armored division in my hand, I give it to you. You must do it." As fast as possible. "At the speed of attacking the enemy, then turning back, the pressure on the Russians is getting greater and greater. Without a strategic reserve team, I don't feel secure!"

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    Stalin's gaffe was not without reason. Now all countries in the world are still using mechanical computers... To put it bluntly, hand-cranking, the calculation speed is extremely slow and the efficiency is extremely poor. The most advanced is the Turing computer, it is so huge that it takes a whole building to fit it, and its function is only to decode messages from the German army. It took another year for the first real computer to be born at the University of Pennsylvania. It was a giant machine weighing tens of tons and calculating speed of only a few thousand times per second! Hearing that Chinese comrades had computers with calculation speeds of hundreds of thousands of operations per second, Stalin almost lost his mind!

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    The platoon leader said: "I'm sure her alcohol tolerance isn't as good as hers, and doesn't she know how to fight? One person raised a few glasses, dozens of people took turns coming. serve them. If you drop them, they will be crushed!”

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    At this time, the beautiful olive grove had become a terrible slaughterhouse, the armored soldiers of the German army had been squatting in the trenches for several months and the resentment had almost solidified. extremely crazy, they completely use the main gun as a machine gun and shoot everything in sight. The moving vehicles themselves, the Xie Mantou tank and the Cromwell cruiser had been wiped out by 57mm anti-aircraft guns, and now they were attacked by these crazy tanks, and they collapsed on the spot. , especially when they saw the main guns of German tanks, after firing a series of bullets as powerful as machine guns towards them, the British armored soldiers shuddered and made the wisest choice of their lives: abandoning the tanks. and run away!

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "It's still too expensive! At most two and a half million dollars per plane, I can't accept it being any more expensive!"

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    At this time, the crew had finished installing the gun barrel. After determining that there was no problem, the commander called out: "Okay!"